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Time to plan your next garage door maintenance in Seattle, Washington? Why don’t you try us out? Our long experience in the field and deep devotion to our clientele both make us the right choice for services that define the longevity and performance of your garage door. Let our company assure you that we only work with highly skilled and well-trained pros that have expertise in all garage door types, sizes, brands, and styles. They have been servicing all openers and thus electric garage doors in Seattle for their entire career and can complete any maintenance program to your expectations. Want to put problems behind you for good? Make an appointment for your garage door maintenance service in Seattle with us.

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Garage Door Maintenance Seattle

At GDS and Repair Seattle WA, we know that some troubles are not avoidable. Exposed to the elements daily and used frequently, garage doors wear over time. The purpose of a routine inspection and maintenance service is to slow down their wear. To control it. To enable your garage door to last for a longer period of time and in the meanwhile, to perform with the fewer problems possible. All common problems that are caused due to wear are handled with a regular garage door maintenance. You simply tell us whether you want annual or semi-annual service and leave the rest to us.

We appoint experts to garage door maintenance services

The detection of problems is done with garage door troubleshooting. The purpose of this service is to fix all parts so they will perform at their best. By troubleshooting and inspecting all garage door parts, the pros know the exact weaknesses of the system and which repairs are needed. From the tracks and cables to the springs, the opener, and the rollers, everything is checked. The pros test the balance of the garage door, the reverse system, the force and anything that would influence the performance of the door and do all the necessary adjustments.

The techs do any garage door adjustment and repair needed

With proper garage door adjustment, you won’t worry about your safety or operational problems. Feel assured that the techs always tighten the hardware to eliminate noises – a problem which is common to most garage doors and also handled with lubrication. You are given a full report of all the steps taken to maintain the garage door so that you will have peace of mind. Enjoy a safe and smooth operation by turning to the garage door repair Seattle experts.

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